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Why employing TAFE graduates is right for your business        

By employing students who have studied and completed their training at TAFE NSW you are guaranteed an employee who has hands-on experience in your industry and the knowledge and confidence to complete tasks successfully. 

Outstanding teaching
Outstanding teaching
  • The teachers at TAFE NSW are industry professionals who have a passion for their field of expertise and want to share it with future generations.

  • In a recent survey, 92.5% of employers were satisfied with our teacher’s knowledge and industry experience which had clearly been passed onto their students.

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Quality assurance
Quality assurance
  • We regularly run organisational auditing to ensure quality teaching and courses, so we remain relevant and ahead of other training institutes. 

  • We work closely with industry and community leaders to update and change our courses to suit the needs of the local area. 

Business success and satisfaction
Business success and satisfaction
  • Our courses are designed to ensure that when students graduate they are work-ready and are able to hit the ground running in their industry.

  • 88% of businesses surveyed in 2012 said that they were satisfied with their TAFE NSW graduate employee’s work readiness.

"Almost all our employees are TAFE graduates. We trust the TAFE system..."

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