Microsoft Excel - Introduction Level One

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Course Number: 160-25900V01

This course provides the skills and knowledge for individuals to safely perform foundation digital literacy tasks using a personal computer and introduction level of the Microsoft Excel Software application.
Classroom environment with one desktop computer per participant and course notes will be provided.
Topics include:
* Spreadsheet concepts
* the Excel screen
* Moving around
* Ranges
* File Management
- Creating, opening, saving and closing files.
- The Save As command
* Working with more than one document at a time
* Editing entries
* The Undo feature
* Cutting, Copying and Pasting
* Formatting text
- Introducing bold, italics underline, colour
- Font size and font style changes
* Global Formatting
* Column Widths and Row Heights
* Changing Alignment
* Printing and print commands
* Page Set Up command
* Inputting Basic formulae
* Formulae with = + - * and /
* Autosum
* Copying basic formulae
* Formatting numbers
- currency, percentage, comma, decimal places

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