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Important Note: We’ve upgraded your student e-services portal to improve your online experience. Your student e-services is now called Learner Portal and is an online, self-service site that helps you access your online learning, manage your study, access your results, pay for your qualification, interact with your Teacher, and keep up to date with any news or announcements. The new portal looks different, there are new features, and how you access some of your information has changed along with some of the terminology. 

How do you access it?

You can access your new Learner Portal by clicking the Learner Portal link below. If you have any questions you can contact the Student Support team at your nearest Campus or our Customer Service Centre 1300 628 233.

Students should continue to only use their username (eg: firstname.lastname) when logging on.

Your online classrooms and resources


Learner portal

Student Portal


For a smaller number of students, your online classroom will be here. For the majority of students, it will be in Moodle. Check with your teacher.

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