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Current students

Technical help

We all need a little help sometimes.

Current students at TAFE NSW receive access to a wide range of online services and electronic resources to support and assist your studies.

On enrolment you will receive a username and password for your DEC TAFE NSW Student Account which gives you access to your email account, library and other services.


How to connect and the settings you need for the North Coast TAFE Wi-Fi.

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DEC student portal

Help accessing the DEC student portal.

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Studying online

Online resources to help you study online.

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Adobe Connect

Web conferencing and collaboration tool.

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Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web-based webconferencing platform that TAFE NSW uses to connect 'live' with remote and flexible students as an online alternative to face-to-face classroom environments for such things as tutorials, demonstrations and classroom discussions.

How will I know when and where to meet my teacher online?

Your teacher will let you know if this type of online interaction will be necessary throughout the course of your study and will provide you with times, dates and a URL to the Adobe Connect 'room' which you can click on to access your online session.

What do I need?

  • Good internet access (broadband). Dial up internet access doesn't cope well with powerful software like Adobe Connect. The minimum download internet speed for Adobe Connect is 256kbps (or 0.25mpbs). You can check your internet speeds by going to 

  • A computer headset if you want privacy (USB or two-pronged connector - check what your laptop or computer can take first). Otherwise, you can just use your computer's inbuilt speakers and microphone.

  • Adobe Flash Player. To check whether your computer needs this or not click on 'Test your connection' on the Adobe Test page. If your computer doesn't have it, the test will prompt you and provide you with a link to click on to get it.

  • When you first enter a Connect room you'll be prompted to download an 'Add-In'. This is just something that enables you to use some of the functionality in the Connect room. Say yes to installing it - it takes seconds only


Studying online

Need some tips for studying part or all of your course online? Has your teacher said you will be using Moodle, Ourspace Virtual Classrooms, Google Classrooms or Adobe Connect in your course? Have a look at our Getting Started Online resource.

View the Get Started Online resource 


Look below to find device specific guides for how to connect to TAFENSW wireless network.
The wireless service may be used to access the internet at any of our campuses.

Connect to the wireless network using your TAFE Portal username and password (i.e. firsname.lastname1)

Click on a link below to access instruction specific to your device type:

DEC student portal


Still need help?
Still need help?

Talk to us. We'll see what assistance we can provide. 

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