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Flexible study options

With online study you choose the place and set the pace

TAFE NSW’s online learning platform allows you to study what you want, when you want, wherever you are.

If you lead a busy life with lots of commitments, you’ll love the convenience of studying anytime, anywhere you choose. Online study puts you in charge of your learning, while providing plenty of structure and support.

Benefits of online study

  • More than 70 online options to choose from

  • Accessible, professional teachers to guide you along the way

  • Friendly support staff always happy to help

  • Connect with fellow students using forums, chat groups and email

  • Access online courses from home or in the workplace

  • Perfectly suited for motivated and self-directed learners

"It allows me to juggle life, with my current career whilst also studying whenever, and wherever I like."

Justin, Online Student
Want to start TAFE now?
Want to start TAFE now?

Our partner site, TAFEnow, provides online courses that you can commence now. Perfect if you’re the kind of person who prefer to work independently, at your own pace.

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