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Additional costs for your learning

Most costs are included in your course fees. However, there may be some additional items such as textbooks, personal protective equipment, and/or industry equipment or excursions (optional) you may need to get to enhance your learning experience.  

Certain courses require you to wear a specific uniform and/or protective clothing. In this case you must wear what is required or entry to the class will be refused. Information about what you need will be given at the time of enrolment.

You may be able to purchase additional items through TAFE NSW or choose to source them for yourself.  In most cases, textbooks are available to borrow from TAFE NSW libraries.

Other costs

Replacement Testamur 

If for any reason you need an official copy of your course Testamur, you will need to complete the TAFE NSW Application form for a Replacement Testamur/Confirmation of Award and pay a fee of $75 for the replacement Testamur. Contact us to arrange this.

Repeating a unit 

The course fee you pay covers your first attempt at demonstrating competence in the core and elective units of competency in the qualification you are studying with TAFE NSW.

If you receive a Not Competent (NC) result for any unit of competency in this qualification during your study you may, at the discretion of the learning delivery section, be given a second attempt at achieving competency for that unit. The second attempt at the unit, must be within the same study period of the enrolment.

If after the second attempt, however, you have been unable to achieve competency, you will need to re-enrol in that unit and pay the relevant fee for a subsequent attempt. 


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