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Other courses to suit government priorities outside the Skills List

As one of the State’s public providers TAFE NSW provides training and services for specific groups to meet government priorities outside the Smart and Skilled fee arrangements. Courses are offered across the key programs of:

  • TAFE NSW HSC Studies
  • Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation (TPC)
  • Equivalent of Year 10 secondary education (various Australian Qualifications Framework Certificate II qualifications)
  • Aboriginal Language qualifications
  • Foundation Skills for Learner Drivers

Outlined below are the 2017 student fees for these courses. 

Qualification Student fee Concession fee
TAFE Statement in HSC Studies (HSC) $700 $240
Tertiary Preparation Certificate (TPC) (Cert IV) $700 $240
Certificate I in Aboriginal Language/s $220 $120
Certificate II in Aboriginal Language/s $290 $160
Certificate III in Aboriginal Language/s $520 $240
Foundation Skills for Learner Drivers $110 $80
Certificate III in Mentoring Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander People $610 $240
Accredited course —Vocational and Community Engagement (10581NAT) $0 $0
Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English – Employment (10366NAT) $0 $0
Certificate I in Spoken and Written English (10362NAT) $0 $0
Certificate II in Spoken and Written English (10363NAT) $0 $0
Certificate III in Spoken and Written English (10364NAT) $0 $0
Statment of Attainment in Beginner English (900-10084) $0 $0
Certificate 1 in Maritime Operations (General Purpose Hand Near Coastal) (MAR10313) $0 $0
Certificate I in Logistics (TLI11315) $0 $0
Certificate I in Construction (CPC10111) $0 $0
Certificate I in Animal Studies (ACM10110) $0 $0
Certificate I in Engineering (MEM10105) $0 $0
Certificate I in Tourism (Australian Indigenous Culture) (SIT10116) $0 $0
Certificate I in Hospitality (SIT10216) $0 $0
Certificate I in Business (BSB10115) $0 $0
Certificate I in Retail Services (SIR10116) $0 $0
Certificate I in Automotive Vocational Preparation (AUR10116) $0 $0
Statement of Attainment in Foundation Skills Support (13000) $0 $0


Note: Fee exemptions are available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and students with a disability (for their first course per calendar year) on the above listed courses. Eligibility criteria may apply.  

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