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If you reside in Queensland while studying at TAFE NSW you may be eligble for subsidised courses. In Queensland most Government-funded vocational education and training falls under the Queensland VET Investment Training program. This program enables students to enrol in nationally accredited training courses at a subsidised cost. 

What price will you pay?
What price will you pay?

The price you pay depends on your eligibility for a concession or exemption and your qualification history.

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Why choose TAFE NSW as your training provider?
Why choose TAFE NSW as your training provider?

Knowing that every training provider must charge the same price for a government subsidised qualification, the choice you make about where to do your study is more important than ever before.  

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Want more information?
Want more information?

The courses that attract government subsidised funding are determined by the Queensland Government. 

Find out more about the Queensland VET Investment Training Program?  

What price will you pay?

The price of your government subsidised course is made up of two portions:  the part the government pays (government subsidy) and the part you pay (student fee).  You pay this fee only once, even if it takes you more than a year to complete your course.

The amount you pay for your student fee depends on your eligibility.  You may be entitled to a concession (you pay a reduced fee) or an exemption (you pay no fee). 

You can get a fee estimate for the course you’ve chosen by clicking on the ‘Apply now’ button located on the course page (Under ‘Find a Course‘).

Are you eligible?

The Queensland VET Investment Training Program is subject to eligibility criteria.

You must:

  • be an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen or an Australian permanent resident (this includes humanitarian entrants and temporary residents with the necessary visa and work permits, on the pathway to permanent residency), 
  • reside permanently in Queensland, 
  • be 15 years or older, 
  • no longer be attending secondary school, and
  • have never previously enrolled in any qualification that is equal or higher than a Certificate III level. 

Visit the Queensland Skills Gateway to find out more about your eligibility. 


Hundreds of courses to choose from in the Queensland training subsidies list 

The Queensland Training Subsidies List provides a variety of courses covering a wide-range of industries. 

The department may review the Queensland Training Subsidies List and make changes. Please ensure you view the most current version of the list for up-to-date details.

Certificate III Guarantee

This program engages eligible Queensland residents in Government subsidised training programs that support the Queensland Government's Working Queensland jobs plan:

  • Certificate III qualifications,
  • Lower level qualifications — Certificates I and II,
  • Work Skills Traineeships, and
  • Foundation skills competencies and qualifications.

For more information about the Certificate III Guarantee visit the Queensland's Government Training website. 

Why choose TAFE NSW?

Aside from value for money, you need to know you’re getting the skills needed to achieve your career goals.

You’ll have an extensive choice of QLD government subsidised courses
Your course will be delivered by a registered, reputable and nationally accredited organisation
You’ll be taught by highly qualified teachers and have access to student support services 


You’ll have options for payment or financial assistance


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Who is overseeing the Queensland VET Investment Training Program?

The Department of Training and Education is responsible for looking after the program for the QLD Government.


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