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Working globally to improve industry skills and employment outcomes for local communities

TAFE NSW aims to provide students the skills that offer life-long job relevance and long term employability. We work with local enterprises in markets around the world to deliver skills training, professional development and vocational qualifications relevant to the local industry environment.  Our approach keeps the students’ need as a key focus but at TAFE NSW we realise that mutually beneficial business relationships are critical to success.

The opportunities for working with TAFE NSW in your market include:

Academic Collaboration
Academic Collaboration

TAFE NSW works with registered training providers to offer a range of programs from qualifications that are fully accredited under the Australian skills quality framework, Professional Development programs in particular discipline areas and short course training in specific skills. These programs offer, to our market partners, the benefit of TAFE NSW’s long heritage of industry relevant skills training, teaching expertise and educational development.

Industry Collaboration
Industry Collaboration

TAFE NSW has developed a reputation for skills relevance and innovative teaching because of our strong engagement directly with industry. This engagement helps us to cooperate with companies to develop skills training that directly meets the needs of those companies seeking to employ workers who are immediately ready for the job.

This readily extends to TAFE NSW supporting companies to provide in-house training for workers either as a precursor to starting work or through on-the-job skills development. TAFE NSW can offer facilitators to undertake the training or work with your company to train-the-trainer so that the program can be embedded into long term staff development plans.

Student Mobility
Student Mobility

Providing a student experience that ultimately enhances long term employability and job relevance is the key to the TAFE NSW offering. We work with partners in specific discipline areas to provide international mobility to students as part of their learning experience.

This includes international students coming to Australia to gain work-place experiences or training in specific units of study in order to finalise their home qualification or it may include Australian students participating in study at  international institutions on the pathway to finalise their Australian course. In both directions, TAFE NSW aims to provide a relevant and valuable experience in broadening students’ outlook and work-related experience.

Delivering the best training for your business and industry needs

TAFE NSW has three main aims in working with our enterprise partners;

  • To clearly understand industry and business needs in order to meet the skills requirements that drive a company’s competitiveness, productivity and success,
  • To provide customised training solutions that help students obtain the skills required to be job-ready and productive from day one at work,
  • To deliver teaching that is adapted to the learning needs of the student in the most effective way possible, where relevant, through local teaching providers.

The TAFE NSW difference is our collaborative process of assessing training needs, understanding local regulatory requirements and adapting training needs according to where and when it is needed.

To investigate how TAFE NSW can collaborate with your organisation or support your organisation’s training and staff development needs, please email our International Development Team.

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