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Achieving your best at TAFE NSW

No matter what your dreams and career aspirations are, TAFE NSW has the support, services and advice for students with special needs to help you get on the right track.

We understand individual needs

Our support services are free and confidential and can help students with illness, injury or a disability to make sure they can achieve success in their study whether they are currently enrolled or plan to be in the future.

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Find out what we offer

Contact us before you enrol if you need assistance in your study or enrolment as a student with special needs. Our support staff will be able to tell you how we can help make your time at TAFE NSW rewarding and successful.

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Learning support

At TAFE NSW we offer learning support to all students, including students with special needs. This learning support can help with enrolment, study, exams or anything else you might need a hand with.

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"I tapped into some abilities even I didn't know existed."

Juanita, Taree Campus

How we can make your time at TAFE a success

We offer a range of services and advice to ensure that you get everything possible out of studying at TAFE NSW.

Teacher Consultants
  • Teacher Consultants at TAFE NSW can help you in lots of areas of your study including course advice, enrolment, financial support and TAFE services.

  • Specialising in deaf/hearing impairment, intellectual disability, physical disability and vision impairment our Teacher Consultants can also assist with other disability areas.

Making adjustments
  • To make sure that everybody has the same opportunities when studying at TAFE we offer services and changed learning environments for people with a disability where needed.

  • Some of these might be changed learning material, alternate exams or modified learning spaces.


  • We have a range of assistive technologies at TAFE NSW including computer programs on every computer which provide support for all students, no matter what their ability.

  • The ‘Read&Write’ program can help with text-to-voice reading, language translation or word prediction to help everyone who needs it.


Examples of services we can offer

  • Teacher Consultants and tutors
  • Flexible attendance
  • Note takers and exam support
  • Access and mobility
  • Interpreters
  • Pre-enrolment assistance

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