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Get started on the path to your ideal job or qualification by combining a TAFE course with school studies


If you want a head start towards training, further education or employment while you’re still at school, TAFE NSW’s practical learning pathways can put you ahead of the pack.

You could apply for an apprenticeship if you’ve got your eye on a trade, or you might choose a course that provides a seamless pathway to further education if you see yourself going to uni. No matter where you’re heading, TAFE NSW can help you get there.

TVET (TAFE-delivered Vocational Education and Training) for high school students

With a TVET course, Year 11 and 12 students have the opportunity to study TAFE courses as part of their HSC. If you would like to apply for a TVET course please download the student information form and provide it your School Career Advisor.


If you're unsure of what courses to take speak to your School Careers Advisor or contact us.    

What do I need to know for TVET
  • You can choose to study TVET courses at secondary schools or TAFE campuses or online through TAFEnow

  • Applications open close at the end of Term 3

  • Schools will be notified in Term 4 of successful applications

  • Successful students will be notified by their school and will receive an offer letter confirming when TVET classes start


How do I apply for TVET
  • Download and complete the relevant student information form

  • You will need to have your student information form signed by your parent/ caregiver and your school

  • Send the form to your School Careers Advisor or VET Coordinator.

Benefits of TVET for students

  • A vocational course will equip you with knowledge and skills that will help make you job ready and more attractive to employers.

  • It can also give you a head start towards a qualification or fast-track further education.

  • A TVET course can give you an insight into the kind of career you might like, while building your independence and confidence.

  • TVET courses are designed to lead to higher level TAFE courses. By completing a TVET course as part of your HSC you could save time in your future TAFE courses or apprenticeship.

  • If you choose to sit the High School Certificate exam, you can count the result of one VET course towards your Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR).


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TVET Man gives an overview of TVET.

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Are you under 17 years of age?
Are you under 17 years of age?

From January 2010, a new law in NSW requires students to complete school to Year 10 and then to continue in either education, full-time paid employment, or a combination of these until at least the age 17. If you are under 17 years and wish to enrol at TAFE the options available to you may have been affected by this change in the law. To attend TAFE you will need to have completed Year 10 or have special permission from school and TAFE to do so.

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