Recognition of prior learning

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You don’t always have to start at the beginning

Have you previously studied, worked or gained important life experiences and want them to go towards your training at TAFE? TAFE NSW offers pathways that recognise your prior learning, which means you can decrease the amount of subjects and time you need to spend at TAFE. The benefits of recognition for prior learning may be:

  • Less time at TAFE

  • Not needing to study the same thing twice

  • Only building new skills, not repeating old ones

There are many ways and options to put your past experience to good use at TAFE NSW.

For more information contact us or download the helpful brochure below.

What does recognition of prior learning cover?

There are three main areas of prior learning that are covered with recognition of prior learning:

  • Work experience in an equivalent area means that you have the skills and knowledge to go towards your qualification. If you have work experience in a different area this can also be used for recognition and could be from full-time, part-time work or training you have completed in the past.

  • Education you may have completed before, such as another TAFE course or unit can go towards your qualification if it is in the same field. National Recognition from other training providers such as schools or universities can also be used. Speak to your course head teacher for more information.

  • Life experience is a valuable tool and covers lots of areas such as volunteer work, sports, hobbies, travel and community organisations. If you believe you have gained experience in a field which is relevant to your course, chat to us to find out if any recognition for this is available.


Who should apply?

  • If you want to use your existing skills towards your qualification

  • If you can prove with evidence or practical skills that you have already gained the skills necessary

  • If you’ve had training or experience overseas and want to use it towards your course at TAFE

How can I apply?

The process is easy and personalised

Complete an application form for Recognition of Prior Learning or contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 628 233 or speak to one of our friendly staff at your nearest campus. We’ll then take you through the process step by step. It’s as easy as that.

What is credit transfer?

You can apply for Credit Transfer if you have already successfully completed one or more of the units in your intended course in a previous TAFE NSW course. Contact us for more information.

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