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12 steps to getting an apprenticeship

Making the decision to commit to an apprenticeship or traineeship is a big milestone. There’s a lot to understand about apprenticeships and traineeships – and over 250 different job types to choose from. Once you’ve done the hard part and made the decision on the type of industry you’re interested in, you need to find an employer ready to support you through your apprenticeship. Get your apprenticeship search underway with some practical tips from North Coast TAFE.

1. Connect with your local Apprenticeship Network provider

Apprenticeship Network providers provide free apprenticeship support services. They might be able to connect you with a local employer looking for someone just like you!

Give them a call on 13 38 73 to start the conversation.

2. Get online

Surf the net for apprenticeship and trainee opportunities through sites like:

  • Jobactive – search jobs online and download the free Job Seeker JobSearch app to apply for jobs on the go
  • ApprenticeshipCentral – find vacancies and register for free help with your CV
  • I work for NSW – NSW government job search
  • online job search engines like Seek or CareerOne.

3. Talk to local businesses

Contact a local business in the industry you want to work in – call and ask for an appointment or email with a request to call or drop in.

Do your homework about apprenticeships and the benefits and financial incentives for them before you connect. They might not have thought about an apprentice and you can sell them on the benefits!

4. Go old school

Believe it or not, not all job advertisements are online. Some local businesses will still advertise apprenticeships in the local paper or on job boards at the local shops or community centre.

5. Keep up with community news

Keep an eye on local news – if you hear there is a new business opening, get in touch and ask about apprenticeship opportunities. You might get a foot in the door before they need to advertise and they’ll appreciate you being proactive.

6. Share your goal with family and friends

Let your family and friends know the type of apprenticeship you want – ask them to keep an eye out and spread the word.

Network when you can – if you want a trades apprentice, don't be shy about chatting to the staff at your local hardware store! Who you know can be a big help when looking for work.

7. School connections

If you’re still at school, talk to your careers advisor or training coordinator. They’ll know you’re keen if an employer wants a recommendation for a school-based apprentice.

8. Where you work

If you are already working, there might be an opportunity for you to transition to an apprenticeship with your existing employer.

Talk to the boss about the financial incentives – even if you don't think there are any openings, you might encourage them to reconsider an apprenticeship.

9. Get involved in the industry

Contact professional organisations in the industry you are interested in. They might have a jobs database or know of a great opportunity.

Sign up for their newsletters and updates and be the first to know about new apprenticeships.

10. Be prepared to follow up

Looking for an apprenticeship is a tough gig, just like looking for any other job. Be prepared to be proactive and follow up on your enquiries.

Don't send the same basic CV and email out to 37 different businesses and wait for the offers to roll in. Focus your efforts on the industry you’re interested in, follow up and be prepared to answer the employer’s questions about how an apprenticeship gets started.

11. Talk to a GTO

Group training organisations (GTOs) employ apprentices and trainees and then hire them out to ‘host employers’.

They can help you find a host, manage your pay and training, and provide support. Sometimes you will be rotated between employers to gain experience across an industry.

Find a GTO in your local area.

12. Get help from North Coast TAFE

North Coast TAFE can help you find an employer to hire you for an apprenticeship.

If you haven't been able to find an employer, they can help you with a pre-apprenticeship course to give you the advantage when it comes to your next application.

What’s your advice for looking for an apprenticeship? What worked for you?

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