BlogWednesday 26 Mar 2014

Becoming an International Student one more time

Studying in a foreign land may sound scary for most of us. However, this was not the same story for me, well, almost not.

Anyway, this is actually not my first time to be an international student. I still could recall all the extraordinary yet wonderful experiences I had being the first Filipino Student in a small progressive school in United Arab Emirates (UAE) or much more known as Dubai due to the Sex and the City movie. Now, history seems to be repeating itself.

I just arrived in this wonderful country last January 20 of this year as an international student with nothing more with me but my family (wife and my cute baby daughter), excitement and uncertainties. I would not be talking more about my family for now but allow me to share to you my experience I had on my first week as an International Student here in Australia.

Campus life is social

The campus is very open and friendly.

First and foremost, let me tell you that the campus is great! Very relaxed and refreshing environment. Moving on, as any other school, the common way to start the semester is through an orientation. So I attended the “O week” which was held in the campus theatre for three batches in the community services course. We were greeted and we introduced ourselves to everyone. Most of the faculties in the course were also there to say something about themselves. That was actually my first time to speak in front of a group here in Australia and true enough, I felt relieve after doing so since I was a bit shy at first. But what was great with the o week was that on the first meeting, I was able to meet around 5 new friends so I’m now ready for the start of classes.

The first week of classes were mostly getting to know each other and different teachers had different tricks on their sleeves on getting us reveal who we are which is a great way to break the barrier and be more open to each other. Although by this time, I now realized that I was put in a regular class since I was the only international student in the whole class, I felt being accepted by my classmates and most especially by the teachers, who are in fact very very supportive.

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