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Busting the myths of women in construction with North Coast TAFE

Construction has a reputation as a tough working environment. Life on a job site is not for the faint hearted and males still make up over 80 per cent of trade apprenticeships and trainees in NSW.

North Coast TAFE is proud to lead the way in supporting women to get a trade based construction qualification and bust the myths around women in construction.

Myth #1 Women can’t make a career out of construction

On the North Coast of NSW, the construction industry is the region’s third biggest employer. Trades are always in demand and can have great salaries and travel options.

With support from trainers and employers, women can identify career paths to follow which might include site management, team leadership, or running their own business.

Myth #2 Women aren't strong enough for the physical demands of construction

Construction or trades work can be physically demanding, but North Coast TAFE teaches innovative ways to work smarter rather than harder.

While most trades are physically demanding, great training can help women think laterally about how to get the tools and machinery to do the work – not rely on muscle. This is important for all tradies to minimise risk of injury.

Myth #3 Women won't fit in on the job site

Life on a construction site is not for the faint hearted. Job sites are traditionally dominated by males, and despite progress, some men don’t expect to see a female tradie on site.

Many of our students and apprentices find they encounter some initial scepticism, but as they prove their worth, gender is no longer an issue.

North Coast TAFE have a range of graduates who are trailblazers in their industries and are role models to encourage more women to pursue a construction career.

Myth #4 Women don't have the natural ability for construction and trades

Women and men can have a natural aptitude for a particular trade – but most people need to be taught and get their start through a trade apprenticeship such as carpentry, bricklaying, plumbing or electrical.

Women don’t get special treatment. The challenges of getting qualifications and completing apprenticeships in construction and trades is the same for males and females. It takes commitment, a willingness to learn and to balance on-the-job demands with ongoing training.

A champion for women in construction

With strong industry ties, we work closely with employers and business leaders to promote the value of women in construction and trades.

North Coast TAFE is proving gender is no barrier to building your construction career, being a high achieving apprentice or student and setting yourself up as an industry leader of tomorrow.


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