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Employers everywhere, from Bedrock to Springfield, want well trained staff!

Most employers know the value of well trained staff, even cartoon bosses like Mr Slate and Mr Burns, but how do you know your training organisation is in touch with employers' needs?

What do Mr Slate from the Bedrock Slate Rock and Gravel Company and Mr Burns from the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant have in common, apart from being animated characters in successful TV shows?

They are both employers responsible for making sure their staff do their jobs well. 

And, with employees like Fred Flintstone and Homer Simpson, they certainly have their work cut out for them!

Generally speaking, most employers have a fairly good idea of which skills their employees need to help ensure the success of the business. 

As lovable as Fred and Homer are, no-one really wants to have as much trouble as they do at work!

When you train to do a particular job in a particular industry you want to know you are getting the right skills to do the job well.

That’s why a training organisation like North Coast TAFE places so much emphasis on staying in close touch with employers and industry.

TAFE does this by gaining regular feedback from the industry and by employing teachers who are still in the loop with industry contacts and skills.

industry partnership

North Coast TAFE works with industry to stay in touch with what employers need

Feedback from Industry  

TAFE works with national Industry Skills Councils, government agencies, industry associations, licensing authorities (such as, the Office of Fair Trading) and business to stay up with the latest trends so that your training is cutting edge.

It has conversations with employers to get feedback on current work practices, equipment, and technology.  This helps fine tune the content of courses so that graduates are not only job-ready, but also, well connected to industry networks.

“North Coast TAFE and industry work together to ensure people get the qualifications and skills to meet employers’ needs.”

A great example of this in action was the collaboration between Leighton Contractors Pty Limited and North Coast TAFE to develop the workforce skills needed for the construction of the Pacific Highway Bypass of Kempsey in Northern NSW.

Manning Valley Chamber of Commerce also worked with North Coast TAFE to design a tailored training program to give its members the opportunity to gain the Certificate IV in Frontline Management so that the training needs of time poor small business owners could be met.

These are just two examples of how North Coast TAFE and industry work together to ensure people get the qualifications and skills to meet employers’ needs.

Teachers who maintain connections to industry

The people who teach at North Coast TAFE come from industry. They bring vast experience and knowledge with them. Every teacher must show, each year, how they have kept up-to-date with the trends, best practice, and licensing requirements in their industry.

This means that when you study at TAFE you can be sure you are learning from someone who has not only ‘been there and done that’, but, who is still pursuing high standards within their industry.

It’s hard to think of Fred and Homer doing anything but bumbling their way through their work day but imagine where they would be if they’d chosen skills training through TAFE to add quality skills-based training to their resume.

By staying in close contact with your future employers, North Coast TAFE and its teachers are able tailor your training so that it mirrors the workplace as closely as possible. 

Isn’t it time to decide what course you’ll do?

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