BlogTuesday 04 Oct 2016

Five sure-fire ways apprenticeships will increase business efficiency

Thinking about taking on an apprentice or upskilling your current staff but still weighing up the costs and benefits? Maybe the question you need to ask is: “what’s the cost to my business of not having adequately skilled staff?”

In a recent study of employers by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research, a staggering 33 per cent reported having employees who were not fully proficient at their job. The study found negative impacts included increased operating costs, bottlenecks in developing new products or services, roadblocks to technological change and loss of business or orders to competitors.
Taking on an apprentice or upskilling current staff is a big commitment for business owners but, for those who choose to invest, the benefits to their bottom line, workplace culture and long-term business sustainability are palpable.

Here are the top five reasons why you need to hire an apprentice now.

1. Apprentices connect you with the latest industry training and trends
Because they’re learning in the ‘now’, apprentices bring the latest industry skills and knowledge, fresh enthusiasm and innovative ideas. When shared across your business and workforce, efficiency, quality and service levels increase, leading to greater customer satisfaction and, ultimately, higher revenue.

2. Apprenticeships future-proof your business
Apprentices contribute to your enterprise’s long-term sustainability and provide an ongoing, skilled labour supply for the future. When you take on apprentices and upskill your current staff, you are developing multi-skilled employees that can work across your organisation to build your business. This in turn fosters career progression, job satisfaction and staff loyalty.

3. You can train apprentices to suit your specific business needs
No two businesses are the same. So why depend on the labour market to find staff with skills that match your business, when you can train staff from the ground up? You can work with your training provider to tailor your apprentice’s learning program to specific job roles, providing flexibility to match your needs.

4. Investing in apprenticeships builds your business reputation
By training new apprentices and upskilling your current staff, you are improving your business reputation as an employer who values their employees, making you an employer of choice. By investing in training, you are also connecting with your wider community and letting customers know you are progressive and up-to-date with industry trends.

5. You may be eligible for incentives to off-set training costs
You may be eligible to receive incentive payments under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Programme. Tens of thousands of employers of apprentices receive incentive payments from the Australian Government every year. You also have access to Apprenticeship Support Australia, which can provide you with resources to help implement and manage apprenticeships.

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