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Learn IT and change the world (if not the English language)

Fans of the hilarious British sitcom The IT Crowd will recall laid-back Irish techie Roy singing in the office, “We don’t need no education”, only to have his musical musings stopped in their tracks by co-worker Moss. “Yes you do. You’ve just used a double negative.”

First have another laugh at that classic Champagne comedy.

Ok, now ponder this. If Roy was plying his trade in Australia right now, it wouldn’t matter if he didn’t know nothing about linguistic constructs. We mean, if he did not know nothing… didn’t not… ah, forget it.

The point we're making is, despite an unemployment rate at its highest in more than a decade, IT workers are in more demand down under than a USB port in a keyboard factory.

In fact, a recent study by job network site Indeed found that IT roles make up more than a third of the 20 hardest jobs to fill in Australia. Among those occupations on the list are software developers, quality assurance engineers and testers, networks analysts and CIS managers.

But don’t just take our word for it, or that of an extraordinarily reputable study.

Ask Emma Broadbent: the Regional Manager at Cisco Networking Academy & Social Innovation Group ANZ & Pacific Islands. We mean, with a job title like that, she’d have to know a thing or two about IT.

Emma said the shortage is due to the massive changes facing the industry year on year.

“From the moment we were all able to connect via the internet, to the current development of smart cities, the recruitment of good personnel has always been challenging,” Emma says.

“Employers compete for professionals in a global market and there simply aren't enough resources to go around. A skilled IT worker can be in their homeland one moment and then, in the blink of an eye, move across the world for a more attractive project with better pay.”Emma Broadbent, Cisco Networking Academy

Emma said employers were looking for a broad range of skills across a number of platforms and verticals in technology: cloud, security, routing and switching, as well as roles in data centres.

“At Cisco we’re most in need of pre and post-sales engineers, project engineers, solutions architects and IT support, technicians and administrators,” Emma says.

And Emma is adamant that the changing face of the industry means IT workers are no longer relegated to a life of backroom boffinry.

Far from it, you will be both seer and saviour at the exciting forefront of unprecedented technological and human advancement.

“Smart cities are being built right now. I urge people to research that term and discover what technology is doing to improve our planet.

“Learn how your skills can revolutionise healthcare, the environment, sport and the entertainment industry.  The way we all live work and play is dominated by technology.

“For us to survive in a 'Brave New World' your education today is vital. Learn IT and change the world!”

So see, your IT education IS important. Because you are needed not like never before… we mean not not needed like… we mean… arggh… forget about it.

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