BlogWednesday 26 Mar 2014

My First Australian Adventure

It was just almost a month since we arrived in Australia that I was able to experience my first Australian Adventure to Sydney and honestly I was really excited to see the famous Opera House which is one of the iconic structure of Australia.

The road trip from Coffs Harbour, NSW to Sydney, NSW was about 6 hours drive nonstop but since I’m not going anywhere without my family, it took us around 8 hours, stopping at some tourist destinations we passed by.

Student at Sydney Opera House

Visiting the Sydney Opera House.

Our first stop was this wonderful tomato and strawberry farm somewhere on the outskirt of Port Macquarie called Ricardoes Farm. It was such a nice experience to be able to choose and pick your own strawberries and their food range in the restaurant was good as well. You even get to taste their different strawberry jams for free. Our next stop is this unusual service station called the Rock which is actually a refueling station with a restaurant. We took some photos and had our lunch there since it was already lunch time. After that, we head straight for Sydney with a few more stop over for a quick toilet breaks.

Cruising along the highway, you will know that you’ve arrived already at Sydney as the city welcomes you with a heavy traffic. At that time after making some calls, we decided to spend the night at Blue Mountain so we can visit the amazing Three Sisters Mountains. Sad to say, when we arrived there, it started raining already but it was still worth it since I was still able to take some photos of the beautiful view from the view deck. We spend the night there and mind you, it was cold due to the rain compare to Coffs Harbour at that time.

The following day we had an early breakfast so we can start our adventure with less traffic. Another difficulty we experienced in the big city was finding a parking space especially if you are relying only at your GPS and after some time going round and round, we finally found a nice parking space inside one of the buildings near Circular Quay. That morning the weather was great, we had a wonderful time taking pictures of the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and we even crossed to the Darling Harbour by riding a ferry. I would really recommend the ferries, you get to see Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge from the sea.

Right on that moment, for me my Sydney adventure was a success already. Since the city was too big, I thought it was better to leave some places to visit for our next travel back there. Our trip in going back to Coffs Harbour was not that pleasant compare to going to Sydney because of the heavy rain and thick fog along the high way but we still manage to arrive safely back at home.

And now, I wonder where would my next adventure be in Australia, any suggestions mates?

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