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Pop songs can land you your perfect job through LinkedIn

Pop song lyrics can teach you anything about everything in life. Love, heartbreak, cars, friends, how to fight for your right to party. Absolutely everything.

“But…” I hear you say… “I’ve just found my dream job on LinkedIn and I need to know how best to make contact with my prospective employer through that particular social media platform.”

“Can pop song lyrics hold the answer to that as well?”

They sure can… read on.

“I will follow him. Follow him wherever he may go.”

Ok, so back in 1963 Petula Clark was singing about a slightly more divine concept, but the sentiment is uncannily relevant. Petula didn’t let high mountains and deep oceans keep her from her man. And if your dream employer has a LinkedIn profile, you have to have the same attitude.

That’s why it’s a good idea to spend some time following an employer’s profile before approaching them. Aim to understand their brand, interests and activities. It’s ok to suck up a little by liking and sharing their posts, or mentioning them in yours. Then, when you make contact, they may already know of you and your active interest in their industry.

“Reach out and touch somebody.”

On second thoughts, don’t touch them. A simple message will do. But believe me, the reaching out part is non-negotiable. It doesn’t matter if you’re the world’s biggest wallflower and even the intoxication of a 1988-era Noiseworks concert couldn’t get you to converse with a stranger. You simply have to reach out and request connections or send messages to land that perfect job.

Don’t feel intimidated, LinkedIn is a professional space and users expect others to attempt to network with them, particularly those who are responsible for hiring.

You may not always get a response to messages or connection requests, but don’t take it personally. Refine your approaches, make sure your messages are well written and well intentioned, and your persistence will pay off.

“To know, know, know you is to love, love, love you.”

Bobby Vinton’s next line in this sickly sweet classic could easily have been “Just to see your LinkedIn profile, makes my job ambitions worthwhile.” That’s how important your current connections are.

If you see one of your connections works or has worked at your ideal company, take the opportunity to pick their brains. How did they get the role?  What can they tell you about the business? Do they know of any positions available? Express your interest so they think to relay any developments back to you.

If none of your connections have a history with the company, check second and third degree connections and ask for referrals.

The main aim is to gain the inside knowledge you need to present yourself as the most qualified candidate. Don’t make the mistake of coming on too strong and directly asking them to get you a job. Establish a rapport, engage in conversation and you might find yourself being introduced to the right person.

Now, if you follow this sage advice gleaned from popular music lyrics, you should be in your dream job in no time. Then you’ll be kicking back, singing your own tune.


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