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Types of apprentices: What does your business need?

Appreciating all kinds of apprentices

There is a huge diversity of apprenticeships and traineeships available. Over 500 different job types are available as apprenticeships and traineeships.

Apprentices can be:

  • school leavers
  • school-based apprentices
  • mature-age and adult employees re-entering the workforce or making a career change
  • existing staff members ready for a new role.

Every apprentice brings different benefits and their own life and work experience.

Do you recognise any of the apprentice types from your workplace?

1. The Motivated Apprentice

The Motivated Apprentice makes themselves indispensable in the workplace. They apply themselves to work and customised training opportunities.

They will:

  • commit to the role and be grateful for the opportunity
  • enjoy the chance to learn from their co-workers
  • build friendships with everyone in the workplace
  • be proactive and not a clock watcher
  • champion your business to the community
  • be a loyal and valuable asset to your business
  • let you know from the start they want a career with your business.

2. The Big Ideas Apprentice

The Big Ideas apprentice arrives ready to shake things up and lead your business into the future! They’ll be a great source of information on new technologies and techniques.

They will:

  • love to learn and share their knowledge
  • be tech savvy and keen to work smarter
  • challenge the status quo and thrive on innovation and new ideas
  • be problem solvers who love to get the job done
  • ask to lead projects and take on more responsibility.

3. The By the Book Apprentice

The By the Book Apprentice will be your most reliable worker. They are an encyclopedia of knowledge about apprenticeship and training information.

They will:

  • take their job seriously. They won’t consider leaving before their apprenticeship is complete
  • be detail driven with an understanding of regulations and compliance
  • never put paperwork in late
  • like plans and schedules
  • never miss a day of work or training
  • be results driven.

4. The Team Player Apprentice

The Team Player Apprentice is everyone’s favourite co-worker. They are great for morale, popular and enthusiastic.

They will:

  • ask for feedback and take constructive criticism well
  • be known for their positive attitude and always being ready to pitch in
  • genuinely enjoy being in the workplace
  • volunteer for new tasks and extra shifts
  • be eager to learn from their experienced team mates
  • be reliable and supportive
  • enjoy collaborating on new projects.

What are the best qualities of your apprentices?

Do you have one of these types of apprentices? Most apprentices will bring a mix of qualities from each type.

Whatever type of apprentice you have, each will bring benefits and a fresh perspective.

An apprentice can help other employers get excited about new technologies and increase productivity. 

If you want to get the edge on your competitors, contact North Coast TAFE about apprentices for your business.

Over to you

Do any of your apprentices fit into one of these groups? What type of apprentice do you prefer in the workplace?

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