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Justin fast tracks his career with TAFEnow

Justin Crawford was pursuing a career in sales, staff support and management in the banking and finance sector when he realised working in staff development and training was his true passion.

Having progressed from teller, to personal banker, branch manager and finally, digital product staff trainer in just three short years, Justin decided to hone his talents in the training area and build more wide-ranging human resource management skills.

Securing a job as a Recruitment Assistant for North Coast TAFE in December 2013, Justin joined a team of HR professionals supporting the training, workforce planning, industrial relations and health and safety needs of a diverse and geographically spread 1700-person workforce.

“I was attracted to the dynamic and changing environment of North Coast TAFE,” Justin said. “Since I joined, the education provider has been boldly re-shaping to achieve higher-level outcomes for individual learners, businesses and communities,” Justin said.

Three months after starting his new job, Justin decided to enrol in a Diploma of Human Resource Management with TAFEnow. He could see a range of job opportunities opening up in the HR area for people with both qualifications and diverse experience.

Justin found studying online and working at the same time really met his needs.

“The more I progressed in my course, the keener I was about my online studies.”Justin, Port Macquarie

When it came to studying topics like workforce planning and industrial relations, Justin first read his TAFEnow learner resources to get sound theoretical knowledge. He then made appointments with HR colleagues to learn more about how HR matters worked in a practical sense.

“It was a combination of reading, observation at work, asking questions of the right people and then applying what I’d learnt to my assessment tasks,” Justin said.

The more Justin progressed in his course, the keener he was about his online studies.

“I got into a good routine by going to the library before and after work every day. This worked for me because there were no distractions. If I needed inspiration or help, I would talk to my teacher, a TAFE librarian or a work colleague,” Justin said. “I decide not to think about it – to just do it.”

Four months after starting his diploma, Justin completed his course and is now embarking on further studies. At just 23, Justin is doing the hard yards, ready to position himself for a satisfying career.

Whether you are a career starter, career changer or looking to extend your skills, TAFEnow has a range of accessible, easy to navigate career-oriented courses that will improve your career prospects and get you motivated for a good future.

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