NewsTuesday 02 Aug 2016

TAFE and Caltex Australia driving vehicle performance

Utilising the state-of-the-art technology at Kingscliff TAFE’s automotive facility, Caltex Australia and North Coast TAFE are working together to enhance vehicle performance. Graham Armstrong, Head Teacher of Automotive Trades says TAFE’s purpose-built facility is well-equipped to meet the needs of the modern auto industry.

“Specifically, we have a dynamometer or ‘Dyno’, which is a device used to measure the force and power of an engine, and this allows a technician to determine whether any modifications made to the vehicle have actually improved the output,” Mr Armstrong says.

Justin Marshall, Senior Product Stewardship Specialist at Caltex Australia says the quality of this dynamometer and trust in the data it generates is one reason why the Australian company selected North Coast TAFE NSW as a key partner for this program.

“Dynamometers are used throughout industry both in Australia and overseas, with their customer list including major vehicle suppliers and manufacturers, in addition to government bodies,” Mr Marshall explains.

“Caltex is an Australian company – all our customers are here in Australia and we must make sure that every litre of fuel we sell meets our stringent standards.

“We test our fuel here in Australia to ensure it is suitable for Australian conditions. Our partnership with North Coast TAFE, a valued local service provider, allows us to conduct this 'real world' test program.”Justin Marshall, Caltex Australia

“Partnering with TAFE is particularly beneficial to Caltex and its customers, as it ensures all testing and generated data is concluded completely independent to Caltex.

“This ensures customers have confidence in the measured performance of our fuels,” says Mr Marshall.

Graham Armstrong says the alliance with Caltex Australia presents a valuable opportunity for students to experience this testing in a real-world context.

“Our students get to engage in real research and development and this provides them with an understanding of the ongoing research required to find advances in vehicle fuels and emissions.”

“This is without a doubt one of the single biggest drivers for technological advancements in vehicle design today and TAFE are pleased to be leading the way with our industry,” says Mr Armstrong.

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