NewsThursday 11 Sep 2014

TAFE fashion swap reduces environmental footprint

Students studying Certificates II, III and IV in Applied Fashion Design and Technology at Kempsey TAFE are hosting a public fashion garment swap at the Macleay River Festival on the 20th September.

‘We are asking people to have a spring clean of their wardrobes and bring along any clothing, footwear or accessories they no longer use. We are trying to encourage people to swap over buying new clothes to help reduce their fashion footprint, save money and still look wonderful,’ says TAFE teacher Julianne Petterson.

Items brought in will be allocated a value in tokens, which can then be used to spend on taking home ‘new’ recycled clothes. If you don’t have any garments to swap, shopping tokens can be purchased for a small fee to spend at the stall. 

‘Running a clothing swap gives the students experience in running a market stall, working as a team and helps them think about lessening the environmental impact of the fashion industry. By reusing old fabric and upcycling second-hand clothing, we can reduce the amount of usable textiles being thrown away into landfill,’ says Julianne.

All garments are accepted except underwear and bags of clothing need to be labelled. They can be brought into the fashion room at Kempsey TAFE by Thursday 18th September or on the day at the River Festival on the 20th September. For more information contact TAFE fashion teacher Julianne Petterson on 0413 200 763.

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