NewsMonday 01 Aug 2016

TAFE graduate scores high distinctions at university

Jordan Falckh is learning how to talk to computers and loving the digital language. The Port local started at Newcastle University earlier this year after finishing his Diploma in Information Technology at Port Macquarie TAFE Campus and he is already reaping the rewards, scoring two high distinctions and a distinction in his first semester.

“It’s been such a good move and a really enjoyable life change,” he says.

“At TAFE, I learned a lot about how computers talk to each other and how to make computers do that practically, plus people management skills.”

“I really enjoyed the practical side of the course.”

Jordan has utilised his TAFE qualification to pathway into the Bachelor of IT at the University of Newcastle.

“The Bachelor of IT is really broad and the knowledge goes a lot deeper than the diploma, so I have decided to focus on software development.”

“I’m enjoying the software development because I can build my own creations and then I have to figure out how to iron out the problems.

“Essentially, we are creating our own coding recipe, which means that we learn the computer’s language so that we can tell it to do stuff, like put a picture here or there.
“The lecturers are really good at bringing it to life.”

Jordan’s path to university is slightly different to many of his peers, who came straight from school, but he believes the TAFE pathway has given him an edge.

“TAFE was great for getting study skills and knowledge and then it all fell together for me when I was able to utilise my diploma towards a degree.”Jordan Falckh, Port Macquarie

“I was actually allowed to get credit from my diploma qualification, so a year was taken off my degree time.

“It makes study so much easier because I can do three courses per semester instead of four and I’ll still finish earlier than everyone else.”

Jordan’s first semester scores, two high distinctions and a distinction, show that he has excelled in the TAFE-to-university pathway.

“I enjoy the work, so that makes it a lot easier.”

“I would encourage anyone who’s going through TAFE to look at credit arrangements because it’s a great way to get into university.”

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