NewsMonday 11 Jul 2016

Wauchope TAFE offers new computer survival course

For some people, the push to participate in the online computer world may seem immense, especially if you do not feel comfortable performing basic computer tasks.

Leonie Nilson, Head Teacher of Education, Employment and Support at Wauchope TAFE Campus, is offering a beacon of light for locals who are not familiar with computers.

“There are many online services available to people, for instance Centrelink and Roads and Maritime Services offer a lot of information and services through the internet, but if people are not comfortable using a computer then they can miss out on the opportunity to access these,” Ms Nilson says.

“We are offering a new course - Communicating in the Computer Age - at Wauchope TAFE to help people build up their skills in this area.

“We want to empower people to be able to confidently complete personal business transactions online.

“It’s all about having a choice, this course aims to teach people the skills they need so that they can participate in the cyber world, if they want to.”Leonie Nilson, Wauchope TAFE

The Communicating in the Computer Age course begins on July 21, 2016 and will run for eight weeks, with courses on Thursday and Friday mornings.

People interested in the course should call in to Wauchope TAFE Campus or call 1300 628 233 for more information.

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